We challenge you in these categories:


1. Remote control a car

Create a mobile interface to control a vehicle with your phone. You can drive the car from your phone – like James Bond. You could try it on our test car or work in a simulator first (Unity required). We will then help you to port the best solution to a real car. Knowledge in App building is helpful.


2. Autonomous challenge

Impress us by employing the Nvidia video analysis system in order to make our car more autonomous. Drive on a test track. Manage lane holding and respond to traffic signs. Avoid obstacles. Advanced solutions are welcome. For this challenge, a Nvidia-computer equipped Jetson car is available. Knowledge in Linux, computer vision, machine learning, and robotics is helpful.


3. Hack the CAN bus of a real car

Show us what you can do on the car-propriatory CAN protocol. You can pre-program any behavior.

Surprise us! For this challenge, a real VW Golf is available. Knowledge in CAN-Bus architecture is helpful.



AMAG Pitch - how we judge you

Each team gets 12 minutes for its pitch. The AMAG pitch will be held outside of the Technopark.


Timing AMAG pitch


Assessment criteria


Driving demo (Unity/toy car/car)

Technical pitch


Total per pitch


3 minutes

3 minutes

3 minutes

3 minutes

12 minutes


  • Level of challenge accepted
  • Technical solution
  • Demo performance
  • Smoothness / complexity of behavior
  • Presentation & team work

The whole lot as PDF